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Website design concept, domain registration, and hosting...starting at $250 for setup and $24.95 per month for 24 months.

Why do you want a web site?

Expose your site and products to more clients?  Generate more sales leads?  Make more money!?

Many clients all want the same thing with their website, they want to earn more money by generating more sales leads by exposing their products and services through their website.  What many people don't realize is that the website is merely an extension of your business.  In itself, it is much like a product you sell.  Additionally, the internet has become so large and complex with over an estimated 182 million websites and billions of web pages.  It is hard to be found on the internet these days and getting harder.  Website owners are left with no other option but to advertise their website just like they would any traditional product.  Except this time, all their products and services need to be fully explained and represented on their website and provide a purchase channel in order to make the sale.

People these days have a very short attention span.  They want their information now and they want it fast!  They are tired of flashy sites with lots of moving bells and whistles.  When it comes to the net, sometimes, the faster site wins out.  A site can be fast in speed and page load times, but it can also be fast in navigation.  People who purchase online want to get to the products they want quickly... Sometimes they will use an internal search feature to help them locate the product of their desire.

Last, website clients are the most elusive clients in the world.  They don't want to be troubled by a sales agent, they only want to be contacted on their terms, not yours.  Websites have to find a way to entice web clients into submitting their information into the website feedback channels and encourage call backs.  They don't want to be bothered with long forms that take several minutes or more to fill out.  Down and dirty!  That's how web site clients act today.  GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

So, what are you, the website owner supposed to do?

That's where Dynamic Webs, LLC comes in.  We've been building websites since 1998!  We've seen all the trends wax and wane in popularity during this time.  Over the years we have stuck with the same basic philosophy in site design - keep it simple!  We work to keep site content simple, navigation simple, feedback simple!  We want to make sure that your clients find your site easy to use and fast to navigate.  After all, if your clients are happy with the site, they will be more inclined to purchase.  If not, they're off to the next site.

Furthermore, we work to make your site search engine friendly.  We want to make sure that your clients not only find your site easy to use but "Finding" your site is also easy. What good is a website if no one can find it?  It doesn't do a lot of good to have a website if it's not only listed in the search engines but provides top three page indexing for the relevant keywords associated with each page of the site.  Do you honestly think sites listed on page 100 or page 8000 get a lot of exposure?  Well, even if your site is listed on page 4, it might as well be page 8000!  Again, people are lazy and seldom search past page three for results related to their search request.  You have to be on pages 1-3 or your not in the game.  Dynamic Webs provides that capability.


So let's get started!  Get your site off the ground and into the search engines!  Expose your products and services to new clients and markets.  Give us a call at 419-721-4245 or fill out a contact request for a free estimate!


All website design rates are billed at $65 per hour unless client has a retainer package or hosting package with Dynamic Webs, LLC.  All cleints under retainer or hosting package are locked into labor rates of $35 per hour for all web work developed.  We provide basic static html website design, joomla template design, wordpress template design, drupal template design, e-commerce template design and more.

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Ohio SAF

Ohio SAF

Ohio Society of American Foresters recently contracted DCG to develop a website that they could update on their own.  Using the Joomla CMS system, DCG constructed several pages and sections of the site and then provided training to the staff at Ohio SAF on how to edit and update the site.  After a couple of meetings and training sessions, Ohio SAF is now maintaining the site on their own.

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